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2 of the 3 Items in the Economy with the Highest Price Increases Relate to Travel

If you are unsure whether travel is back and the world is moving back toward a new sense of normal then look no further. The economy is seeing the first signs of inflation start to creep in and the travel industry is leading the way. Word to the wise. When your travel agent gives you a price BE PREPARED TO BOOK OR PASS because that price wont be the same tomorrow. I have seen prices on the same property for the same dates change 2 to 3 times in one day. Without a deposit that quote that I gave you 8 hours ago means nothing.

Now on to the indicators that travel is giving us to the inevitable ugly face of inflation.


Airline fares rose 10.2% since March and are up 9.6% compared to 12 months ago, as the reopening continues and travel resumes.

Car rental and lodging away from home

Prices for lodging away from home rose 7.6% and car and truck rentals surged 16.2% — the latter of which constitutes an 82.2% increase compared to April 2020. Part of the car-rental cost story comes from the auto supply issues, JPMorgan noted. With supply for cars tight, car-rental prices follow in lockstep.

Many people are clamoring at the bit to travel due to millions of trips being cancelled from last year (2020) that mean demand is super crazy in 2021 and as always demand for anything will drive prices higher.

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