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The BookVIP Travel Scam Don’t Get Taken for a Ride

You don’t know how many times I hear from potential clients that have never taken a “REAL” vacation before that they think using a travel advisor is going to cost them more money so they want to search the internet day and night because they are going to cut out the middle man and SAVE THEMSELVES a FORTUNE, only to end up getting scammed by unscrupulous travel companies that will tell or show them what they hoped to see. Dirt cheap prices for 5 star accommodations in desirable locations. Yesssssss, score. I knew that travel advisor was over pricing me. Until they come crawling back with their tail between their legs, pockets emptied and not enough money left in their budget for the trip of a lifetime that they really wanted because they’ve already been burned by the professional con artist that know how to prey on the uninformed traveler that’s listened to all the myth’s and theories about how to travel cheap.

First lets clear up a couple of things.

  1. Travel DOES NOT have to be expensive
  2. Travel Agent’s typically don’t increase the price of your vacation as long as you allow them to make the reservations (please don’t ask for a quote and book it yourself). Travel Advisors have families to fed also.
  3. Travel professionals can normally give you more leverage to resolve disputes with legitimate hotels, cruise lines, rental car companies, etc… because those vendors know where the majority of their business continues to come from (yes agents still produce the majority of travel bookings in the industry thus we carry a lot of weight when lodging a complaint)

I hate calling out companies by name but these promotions are so obviously blatant in their scammishness (is that a word) that I had to help those who would be smitten with their new found, I told you I could find a better dealishness (I’m pretty sure thats a word).

When you look at ads well they don’t even add up. The above ads says you can go to Las Vegas for 3 nights for only $99. Oh but wait anddddd you can take you and 3 of your closest friends and family with you. You are sure to seem like a baller when you tell your crew we’re going to Las Vegas on me. Let me not forget that is also going to GIVE you $100 in Casino money. Now I don’t know about you. I didn’t go to Wharton Business School but Southern University taught me if you charge $99 for a product that costs you $100 to produce you’re losing money.

So lets cut to the chase. The scam that they’re running on you is that they are making you pay to go see one of as they would say “resort previews” i.e. TIMESHARE PRESENTATION. They say you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy anything but if you have ever been to a timeshare presentation they will resort to almost anything right up to the edge of waterboarding or electroshock treatment to close the deal on you buying one of their overpriced timeshare properties that you can never get out of and will probably regret for the rest of your financial life.

If you want to take a legitimate vacation of a lifetime use a certified travel advisor. We charge $0 for our services as long as we make your reservations. We also allow our clients to make payments on their vacations unlike most online travel booking sites which expect full payment at the time of booking. Contact us for a free consultation today.

Corey Grant - Travel Agent
Interested in one of our posted vacation getaways or looking for someone to book a different trip for you? Text me at 202-503-6969 #Vacation

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