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Fully Vaccinated? Visit Puerto Rico without a COVID Test

Puerto Rico, as of Tuesday, May 25, is dropping the negative COVID-19 PCR molecular test requirements for fully vaccinated travelers on domestic flights. On Monday, the island lifted its local curfew, which was established in March 2020. The change comes as a result of an executive order, announced last week, by the island’s government.

Additional reduced restrictions, according to Discover Puerto Rico, include increased capacities for businesses, raised from 30 to 50 percent; the removal of a mask requirement for fully vaccinated individuals in parks and beaches; and permission to consume alcoholic beverages in pools and beaches. The reopening of the island’s coliseums, popular for entertainment experiences, will also be permitted at 30 percent capacity, with all attendees required to present either a vaccination card or negative antigen test to gain admission.

For those traveling to Puerto Rico, the island offers an array of attractions, with no need for a passport, currency exchange or phone plan adjustments for U.S. citizens. Experiences include exploring the island’s history, infused with Spanish, Taino and African heritages, learning about the booming coffee culture, taking advantage of El Yunque, the only rainforest in the U.S Forest Service, and visiting any of the three bioluminescent bays (the world only has five in all!) or the pink salt flats. Updates on the Island include the recent reopening of El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo and the opening of the highly anticipated Distrito T-Mobile, which is destined to be a popular setting for events, conventions and performances in the Caribbean region, coming later this year.

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