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Carnival Cruise for Only $50 Down

Contact us today!!! You only need a $50 deposit plus get free travel protection. This is a sweetheart of a DEAL. You must book by April 30th.

Contact Us:
Email us at

Send an email with the following info so we can give you a quote:

Client’s Name: ___________________________________________________________

Client’s Phone #: (______) ______________

Departure Date: __ __ /__ __ /__ __

Port you want to sail from: __________________

Ports of call guest would like to visit: _______________________________________

Number of Adults ________ Children: ________(ages ____, ____, ____ )

Cabin Type:_________________


Corey Grant - Travel Agent
Interested in one of our posted vacation getaways or looking for someone to book a different trip for you? Text me at 202-503-6969 #Vacation

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