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Many of’s travelers are taking to social media about the online travel company leaving complaints that they’ve gone out of business and left their customers stranded. Now this is highly unfortunate for those customers that have been affected but honestly Bookit has been one of those companies that I have warned travelers about for years when they would say “oh I can find it way cheaper on this site”. is trying to blame their collapse on the COVID-19 crisis but anyone that professionally books travel knows that those hotel rooms and resorts should have been paid for in full at the time of booking so the horror story of people paying for those “cheap trips” and then arriving to find out that their trips were not paid for is further proof that if you dont understand how professional travel booking works you can easily fall prey to these type of marketers.

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The Panama City Beach travel company specialized in booking resort destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States.

On Tuesday, BookIt reportedly laid off 80 employees. According to Panama City news source WECP-TV, mass cancellations due to coronavirus forced BookIt to go out of business.

As always I advise travelers to get you a travel agent you can trust and build a relationship with no differently than having a doctor, lawyer, or tax professional that knows your preferences, budget and lifestyle choices so you can always have a pleasurable trip within your budget because your agent has a repeat customer not someone they are trying to get the maximum money out of for a one time booking. If you need a travel agent feel free to contact us.

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