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Don’t Get Scammed By Fake Travel Websites

Everyone is trying to squeeze in that last summer, vacation getaway but make sure you take extra care when trying to book your flights online. There are some unscrupulous people out there that are looking for your inattentiveness to take your money. This is when it pays to have a standard travel agent that you can trust and that you do business with regularly, the same way you take your taxes to the same person every year or visit the same doctor for common ailments. That travel agent will value your repeat business and always provide you the best level of service and insure that your travel plans are always suited to your liking. Some of these so called


🚨SCAM ALERT FOR TRAVEL ENTHUSIASTS🚨 This is one of the smartest scams I have heard about. You arrive at your hotel and check in at the front desk. Typically when checking in, you give the front desk your credit card (for any charges to your room) and they don’t retain the card. You go to your room and settle in. All is good. The hotel receives a call and the caller asks for (as an example) room 620 – which happens to be your room. The phone rings in your room. You answer and the person on the other end says the following: ‘This is the front desk. When checking in, we came across a problem with your charge card information. Please re-read

Hurricane Irma Damage Has Indefinitely Closed 4 Cruise Ports

Four popular cruise ports, including the top two ports in 2016,  are closed indefinitely to cruise ships due to damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Since so many of our readers have asked about the different cruise ports in the Caribbean and which ones were affected by the storm, here is a rundown of the cruise ports that are open and closed following the storm. St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Tortola, Key West: All four ports are closed indefinitely.  Gene Sloan at USA Today is reporting that St. Thomas and St Maarten could be closed to cruise ships for weeks, and possibly for months.  Norwegian Cruise Line has replaced all Eastern Caribbean itineraries until November with Western Caribbean ones and Royal Caribbean has ships that will be stopping in St. Kitts and

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Travel Ban Advisory

The DOT and FAA have implemented a travel ban on the Samsung Galaxy Note7. This ban includes all new and replaced Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones. Customers who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note7 device may not transport the device on their person or in carry-on baggage, checked baggage or cargo on flights to, from or within the United States.